Here are 5 benefits of biophilic design in the workplace:

1. Plants improve air quality

They produce oxygen which is good for us and also transpire through their leaves, making the air more humid, which is excellent for combating the problem of dry-air, a widely reported problem in air-conditioned offices. They also absorb VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as chemicals that are widely used in cleaning products, contained within some carpets and emitted from electronics and automations.

2. Make creative and productive

The series studies concluded that employees were 15% more productive when “normal” workplaces were filled with just a few plants, as employees who actively engage with their surroundings are more efficient and more creative in their job.

3. Relieves stress and improve mental well-being

Stress is a very known cause of both mental health disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Studies shown that ability to directly access nature can alleviate feelings of stress.

In chaotic and stressful environments, like a busy office, the body’s sympathetic system is highly engaged in a “fight-or-flight” mindset. Concurrently, the parasympathetic system is suppressed, disrupting our natural balance and resulting in energy loss and mental fatigue. This combination induces stress, frustration, irritability and distraction. In contrast, human interaction with nature provides an increase in sympathetic activity. This results in less stress and irritation and enhance the ability to concentrate.

In Japan Shirin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), the practice of mindfully spending time in the forest, using all of your senses to appreciate nature, has been proven to reduce stress, enhance mental wellness and bolster brain health.

4. Feel happier and healthier

Biophilic elements make feel in a more positive frame of mind.  Positive frame of mind have a positive impact on others, and also take better care of themselves and remain healthier.

5. Attract and Retain the best talent

Biophilic elements, makes workplace attractive.  It also sends a powerful message about social conscience and green-credibility and credibility of the organisation too operating in such environment. We spend a large amount of time at work, and whilst we are there, we want it to be a positive experience.